Railway Safety Regulator

Contact Details

Physical Address: Lake Buena Vista Building, No.1 Gordon Hood Avenue, Centurion, 0157
Postal Address: PO Box 11202, Centurion, 0051
Telephone: +27 (0)12 848 3000


Government Agency

Organisation Profile

The Railway Safety Regulator is the custodian of railway safety in South Africa.

Our function includes:

  • Issuing and managing safety permits
  • Conducting inspections and audits
  • Investigating railway accidents
  • Developing regulations, safety standards and related documents, which form the basis of the regulatory regime
  • Issuing notices of non-conformance and non-compliance and, in future, imposing penalties for non-compliance with the Act and safety standards adopted by the Board of Directors of the RSR.


Aspire to achieve Zero Occurrences


To oversee and promote safe railway operations through appropriate support, monitoring and enforcement, guided by an enabling regulatory framework


Integrity & Trust: We will instil confidence (i.e. belief, trust and faith) in our internal and external stakeholders through quality, professional and efficient service delivery.

Transparency: We will openly communicate information.

Innovation: We will create a conducive environment that allows for the sharing and implementation of new ideas, in line with the goals of the RSR.

Fairness & Equity: We will ensure that we are consistent in applying policies and procedures and that we are impartial in treating all our employees, by ensuring that we communicate effectively to all our employees.

Speed of Execution: We will make prompt decisions and take appropriate action, informed by organizational priorities.