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Physical Address: 15 Paul Kruger Street, Office 207, Nelspruit, 1200
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Tell us about your company

SMT Mining is a dynamic and leading black-owned mining company, which was established in Mpumalanga, South Africa, in 2015. The company draws on its more than 30 years’ experience to deliver innovative and world-class mining solutions to its clients. We currently operate mostly in North West and Limpopo.

Our approach to complex mining challenges is to acquire a keen understanding of our clients’ needs and combine this with our multi-sector expertise to arrive at the best possible solutions. I am a lawyer by profession, practicing under the name Thobela Attorneys, which makes it easy for us to comply with all legislation and policies of the industry.

As a proactive youthful company, we encourage youth participation in all disciplines of our economy. We develop, gather and provide reliable and relevant information, analysis and tools to advance knowledge, raise awareness, exchange occupational safety and health information, that will serve the needs of our clients, youth and employees.

What are SMT Mining’s key focus areas?

SMT Mining’s main focus is to provide the following services to all underground mines: sweepings and vamping, wire mesh and lacing / long anchors, drop raising, construction, reclamation, main development and secondary development, white area mining (stoping), trackless mining, training (conventional and trackless), long anchors.

We deliver cost-effective, efficient production. We believe in delivering quality work, so we work with the best personnel in the business. We are committed to fight South Africa’s unemployment challenge and we are proud to employ 325 employees across the following roles: mine overseers, miners, rock drill operators, winch drivers, loco drivers, shift bosses, safety officials, general workers, as well as human resources and marketing professionals.

We are registered as a BBBEE company and are committed to work according to empowerment standards and categories. Another key focus is on values, skills and knowledge to drive a successful, responsible company. And by keeping our promises, we continue to build trust with communities, mines and suppliers.

We put safety first, show care and respect, demonstrate integrity and have clear accountability. We need collaboration to succeed, and to keep succeeding we need innovation. Our commitment to promoting workforce diversity includes extending opportunities to women and youth at all levels across the company.

Are there particular characteristics you think a leader should have?

Yes, integrity and self-discipline are crucial. To be a leader not only in business but in all spheres of life, you need to be a good example to those you lead and show respect to your subordinates. Forward-thinking business leaders make employees feel comfortable around them and pay attention to the concerns of their employees and clients. A good business leader must be passionate about the nature of the businesses they are involved in and deliver on their targets. You need to have a clear direction of what you want to achieve.

What is the secret of your business’ success?

I believe there is no secret other than to understand the difference between goals and intentions and which one comes before the other. Our intentions, conscious or unconscious, are the motivation we need to fulfil our daily tasks and build a purposeful thriving business. Our goals are measurable and the stepping-stones within our intentions. Intentions are long lasting; goals are fleeting. Our business intentions are the framework that speak to how we will engage with our customers, community, business and environment. Setting clear intentions gives our team a jumping-off point, allowing them to stay focused and achieve the company’s goals - ultimately leading to growth and success.

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15 Paul Kruger Street, Office 207, Nelspruit, 1200

Contact Our CEO Mr SM Thobela

082 097 9320