Co-operative Banks Development Agency (CBDA)

Contact Details

Physical: 27th Floor, 240 Old Vermeulen / Madiba Street, Pretoria
Postal: Private Bag X115, Pretoria, 0001
Tel: 012 315 5367
Fax: 086 730 3389


The vision of the Co-operative Banks Development Agency (CBDA) is to be a strong and vibrant cooperative banking sector that broadens access to and participation in diversified financial services towards economic and social well-being.

The Agency's mission focuses on: the development of the Cooperative Financial Institution (CFI) sector within the context of those who participate in it, through: appropriate regulation and supervision; innovative capacity development and support; promoting the cooperative philosophy and principles; and building confidence in the CFI sector.

The CBDA's strategic outcome-orientated goals are to ensure: a CFI sector that is institutionally sound; a vibrant and growing CFI sector that broadens access and mobilises savings at community level; and an organisation that has the strategic leadership, administrative support and management capabilities to market itself and its activities to fulfil its vision and mission.

Office Bearers/Management

Mr D Golding

Mr D Golding
Deputy Chairperson:
Board Members:
Mr D Ginsburg
Ms X Jozana
Ms P Masemola
Ms V Matsiliza
Mr Jeffrey Ndumo
Adv LT Nevondwe
Ms G Raine
Mr TV Shenxane
Mr David de Jong
Ms O Matshane
Nomadelo Sauli
Mr Kobus van Niekerk
Chief Financial Officer:
Mr Roy Hayemann (Financial Markets and Stability)
Senior Management:
Communications Officers:
Ms Nomakhosi Shabangu
Ms Catherine Whitley (Personal Assistant)

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002015/162014/152013/142012/13
AUDIT OUTCOMEFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially Unqualified
Current Assets19 00114 6878 1926 793
Non-Current Assets974168250142
Total Assets19 97514 8558 4426 935
Current Liabilities15 91312 6696 6445 479
Non-Current Liabilities----
Total Liabilities15 91312 6696 6445 479
Total Net Assets4 0622 1861 7981 456
Total Revenue27 25022 00620 03217 150
Revenue from Exchange Transactions1 100438456236
Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions26 51021 56819 57616 914
Total Expenditure(27 500)(22 725)(19 689)(12 359)
Employee Costs(12 329)(10 276)(9 080)(5 716)
Surplus/(Deficit) for Year(250)(719)3434 791
Net Cash Flows from Operating Activities4 4566 3161 9594 316
Net Cash Flows from Investing Activities(948)(33)(155)(135)
Cash & Cash Equivalents at End of Year17 64614 1387 8556 051
Unauthorised Expenditure----
Irregular Expenditure----
Fruitless & Wasteful Expenditure76345
Posts Approved171818n/a
Posts Filled181615n/a
SourcesAnnual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report n/a

Overseeing Department/Entity

Annual Reports

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