Blind SA

Contact Details

Postal Private Bag X9005, Crown Mines, Johannesburg, 2025
Physical 5 Fuchs Street, Alrode, Alberton
Tel 011 839 1793


The mission of Blind SA is to promote the interests of all blind people by: combating poverty; empowering blind people by, amongst others, the provision of Braille, the distribution of information, and the provision of other developmental services (members of member organisations of Blind SA enjoy preference); and acting as a pressure group with regard to any matter concerning blind people.

Blind SA's objectives are to: focus on a specific topic and target a particular sector, over and above general awareness raising, by using its own publications, the public media, serving and networking with other organisations, participating in public forums, and making representations to government, including submissions on legislation; assist workers to sustain their jobs and to gain promotion through appropriate training and acquisition of work-related equipment and information; help blind students to obtain special equipment, study material, transport and reader services, and bursaries; make interest-free loans available from its revolving fund for the purchase of word- and study-related equipment and for household goods; produce Braille to order for schools, university students and individual adults in all the official languages of South Africa, and produce other important products, including magazines, calendars, postal code books, timetables, broadcasting and motor rally schedules, agendas, minutes, and reports; offer a Braille tutoring service; provide orientation and mobility training; provide appropriate, reliable information about the world around us by using Braille, ink print, audio tape, the Internet, the telephone and computer discs; provide Blind SA publications; provide various forms of social and cultural activity and upliftment; look after the interests of retired workers and of the large number of South Africans who lose their sight in later life; cater for the needs of elderly persons; and address all issues regarding the education of blind and partially sighted learners.

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