National Assembly (NA)

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Postal PO Box 15, Cape Town, 8000
Physical Parliament Street, Cape Town
Tel 021 403 2911


The National Assembly (NA) is one of the two Houses of Parliament. The National Assembly is responsible for choosing the President, passing laws, ensuring that the members of the executive perform their work properly, and providing a forum where the representatives of the people can publicly debate issues.

The Speaker is the head and spokesperson of the National Assembly. The Speaker has many responsibilities, which include constitutional, statutory (in terms of the law), procedural and administrative powers and functions. The duties of the Speaker fall broadly into three categories, namely: presiding over sittings of the House, maintaining order and applying its rules; acting as representative and spokesperson for the Assembly and (with the Chairperson of the Council) for Parliament; and acting as Chief Executive Officer for Parliament, in conjunction with the Chairperson of the Council.

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