Housing Development Agency (HDA)

Contact Details

Postal PO Box 3209, Houghton, 2041
Physical 04 Kikuyu Road, Sinninghill, Johannesburg
Tel 011 544 1000


The mission of the Housing Development Agency (HDA) is to build partnerships to create integrated sustainable human settlements.

The functions of the Agency are to: develop a development plan to be approved by the Minister in consultation with the relevant authorities in the provinces and municipalities; develop strategic plans with regard to the identification and acquisition of state, privately and communally owned land that is suitable for residential and community development; prepare necessary documentation for consideration and approval by the relevant authorities as may be required in terms of any other applicable law; monitor progress of the development of land and landed property acquired for the purposes of creating sustainable human settlements; enhance the capacity of organs of state, including skills transfer to enable them to meet the demand for housing delivery; ensure that there is collaboration and intergovernmental and integrated alignment for housing development services; identify, acquire, hold, develop and release state, private and communal land for residential and community development; undertake such project management services as may be necessary, including assistance relating to approvals required for housing development; contract with any organ of state for the purpose of acquiring available land for residential housing and community development for the creation of sustainable human settlement; assist organs of state in dealing with housing developments that have not been completed within the anticipated project period; assist organs of state with the upgrading of informal settlements; and assist organs of state in respect of emergency housing solutions.

Overseeing Department/Entity

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