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Postal PO Box 4107, Cape Town, 8000
Physical DF Malan Street, Foreshore, Cape Town
Tel 021 410 9800


The mission of Artscape is to facilitate, produce, promote and preserve multi-cultural performing arts that advance nation building through business sustainability founded on artistic excellence. Artscape's mandate is to advance, promote and preserve the performing arts in South Africa, but predominantly in the Western Cape, by: promoting, presenting, co-presenting, co-producing, producing, investing in and sponsoring or entering into partnership for any performing arts initiative; making the performing arts accessible to the general public and ensuring that productions are a true reflection of the cultural diversity of South Africa; evaluating, maintaining and upgrading the Artscape Theatre Centre and its facilities so that the full range of performing arts productions can be presented in a world class environment; making the Artscape Theatre Centre accessible to the general public; promoting the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the performing arts among the general public; providing high quality arts education and development with due consideration of the needs of the general public; encouraging artists to adopt the stage and associated arts as their profession; encouraging and promoting the writing and producing of new performing art works for presentation on stage; encouraging indigenous art and creativity, including, but not limited to, script, writing, musical composition and choreography; encouraging tours of performing arts and art products; facilitating manufacturing services for decor and costumes to enable arts practitioners to stage their productions; and concluding all such activities as may be considered ancillary to any of the aforesaid.

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