Agrément South Africa (ASA)

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Postal PO Box 1022 Garsfontein, Pretoria, 0042
Physical INFOTECH Building, 1090 Arcadia Street, Hatfield, Pretoria
Tel 064 864 0129


Agrément South Africa (ASA) was established in terms of a delegation of Authority from the then Minister of Public Works in July 1969. The organisation is an entity of the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (NDPWI), and its mandate is within the built environment domain. As such, the legislation and mandates that impact the built environment and public works guide the functioning and operations of Agrément South Africa. The organisation is a schedule 3A public entity under the Public Finance Management Act and is established under the Agrément South Africa Act 11 of 2015.

Agrément South Africa’s vision is to be the leading regulator on non-standardised construction-related products and systems in South Africa. The organisation’s mission is to enhance its position as an impartial and internationally acknowledged South African centre of excellence to: provide assurance to specifiers and users of the fitness-for-purpose of non-standardised construction-related products or systems; support and promote integrated socio-economic development in the Republic as it relates to the construction industry; support and promote the introduction and use of certified non-standardised construction-related products or systems in the local or international market; and support policymakers to minimise the risk associated with using non-standardised construction-related products or systems.

The core mandate of ASA is the technical assessment and issuing of approval of certificates for non-standardised construction-related products and systems for which there are no South African National Standards. Assess and, if satisfied, certify the fitness-for-purpose of a non-standardised construction-related product or system; issue, amend, suspend, reinstate, withdraw or renew an ASA Certificate; enter into an agreement with a person, entity or organ of state whose services are required to achieve an object or perform a function of ASA or the Board; provide services about the objects of ASA to a person, entity or organ of state; exercise any other power as may be prescribed or necessary to achieve the objects of ASA; the recognised South African National Government Body that issues eco-labels for building materials and products; and the recognised South African National Government Body that issues Green Building Ratings for government buildings.

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