Special Investigating Unit (SIU)

Contact Details

Postal Private Bag X844, Silverton, 0127
Physical Rentmeester Building, 2nd Floor, 74 Watermeyer Street, Meyerspark, Pretoria
Tel 012 843 0000


The vision of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is to be the state's preferred and trusted forensic investigation and litigation agency. The SIU's mission is to, with integrity, investigate serious malpractices or maladministration in the administration of the state as well as any conduct which may seriously harm the interests of the public, and instituting and conducting civil proceedings in any court of law or a Special Tribunal in its own name or on behalf of state institutions.

The South African anti-corruption and fraud prevention industry encompasses legislation and various public agencies dedicated to combat malpractice and maladministration. In 1996, the SIU was established in terms of the Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunal Act 74 of 1996. The unit’s principal mandate is to investigate 'serious malpractices or maladministration in connection with the administration of state institutions, state assets and public money as well as any conduct which may seriously harm the interests of the public'. Alongside other state departments and institutions, the SIU is on gear to uphold the Constitution and to be of service to the people.

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