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Physical Sender Technology Park, Octave Street, Honeydew, 2040
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SENTECH is a South African-based digital infrastructure and content delivery company providing services in South Africa and across the African continent. SENTECH has an extensive, strategically positioned infrastructure giving coverage to more than 80% of the South African population. This infrastructure gives SENTECH the ability to offer facility leasing and co-location on its masts. Its site location enables SENTECH to provide connectivity and infrastructure services to the retail, Telcos and public sectors. It provides broadcast transmission services to all commercial and public broadcasters, including daily service to over 150 community radio stations countrywide.

As holder of both an Individual Electronic Communications Network Services (I-ECNS) licence and an Individual Electronic Communications Services (I-ECS) licence, the Company can provide both voice-based telecommunications and multimedia services. SENTECH is a Schedule 3B Government enterprise in terms of the PFMA and derives its mandate from legislation, particularly the SENTECH Act and the Electronic Communications Act (ECA).

As a state-owned entity, SENTECH specialises in broadcasting signal distribution, connectivity, and digital infrastructure services, catering to a diverse clientele.

SENTECH remains integral in broadcasting, serving as the signal distributor for public, community and commercial broadcasters. With a network of 340 towers and masts leased to major mobile network operators, SENTECH maintains a national footprint. The Company continues to expand its digital infrastructure services, including data centres, OTT and broadband offerings, to meet the evolving needs of the market.

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